Our mission is to support the EPICS community to develop and maintain control and data acquisition systems for world-leading research facilities. Osprey Distributed Control Systems has a team of engineers with experience in accelerator and experimental controls for Synchrotrons, Free Electron Lasers, Neutron Sources and Industrial Control. Our engineers have made substantial contributions to the development and support of EPICS V3 and EPICS 7 from inception through successful deployment in a wide range of facilities around the world.

Our team has been intimately involved with the development and deployment of both EPICS V3 and EPICS 7 from their inception. We offer training in any level of development or deployment of the EPICS core and client applications. We have experienced project managers who can perform all aspects of project planning and execution, including design, implementation, commissioning, budget and staffing. Our goal is to support the community by working with control system teams to provide outstanding control systems efficiently and effectively from design through the operational life time of the facilities that are part of this community.