SLACLCLS II EPICS 7 Development - P2P pvAccess Gateway2018-2019
Beam Synchronous DAQ Service
High Performance Beam Synchonous DAQ Design
XTES Vacuum System
Cryo System Control
Beam Permit System Development
LBNLALSU Work Breakdown Structure Development2018-2019
Critical Design Control Document
Dynamic Inventory Management
Directory Service
FRIBAlarm System Service2018-2019
ANLAPS Upgrade - Database Tools and Services2018-2019
Boeing/NASABooster Rocket DAQ2018-2019
LBNLAdvanced Light Source Upgrade - Design Support2017
LCLS-II LLRF FPGA Driver and Device Support
SLACLCLS-II System Architecture and Project Support2017
2 TW Laser Noise Evaluation and Mitigation
ESSEPICS 7 development: pvAccess, pvData, Python API, Middle Layer Services for directory, savesets, and file indexing, CSStudio Integration with pvAccess, and middle layer service client applications2017
Timing system integration into µTCA
FRIBProject Management and System Architecture2015-2017
Python Client Development
Timing and µTCA-based beam diagnostic support
EPICS base development
Save/Retrieve CSStudio Client
TRIUMFHigh Performance Hardware Review and Machine Protection System Preliminary Design2017
BNLSIX endstation motion control and EPICS integration2017
SESAMEEPICS IOC development for XAFS beamline controls2017
ITEREPICS 7 Integration2016
Controls System Studio Alarm Integration
RAONMachine Protection Design and Prototype2016
Control System Operator Environment2015-2016
EPICS PVAccess Gateway
ESSDesign and Project Engineering Support2015-2016
AESCompact Accelerator Control System Design, Implementation, Commissioning and Documentation2011
NSRRCEPICS Training2008
DESYBacNet Driver2008
Still River SystemsProton Therapy System Controls Design2008

References are available on request.

Pre-2015 projects were executed as EPIC Consulting.

Osprey DCS builds on the skills and experience of EPIC Consulting.